5-Point Tips When Applying for Veterans Benefits

5-Point Tips When Applying for Veterans Benefits

Are you planning to avail of your loved one’s veterans benefits? One of the initial steps you need to take is to validate the eligibility of your loved one. This process can be tedious and confusing especially if you have not enough information with the said benefits.

To help you out, here are helpful tips to take note of so that the processing of your loved one’s VA (Veterans Affairs) benefits can be more efficient.

  1. Power of Attorneys (POA) are NOT Recognized

    POAs are legal documentations that assign a person as the legal representative of another so that they can make decisions for the latter. As their family member, you may be given POA by your loved one so their VA benefit can be processed on their behalf. However, even if the VA benefit can help your loved one to receive Home Health Care in Snellville, Georgia, your POA will not be recognized. Instead, the VA will do the appointment of a representative, which they call as the fiduciary. The fiduciary is either a relative or friend of the veteran who passes the VA’s assessment. In the event that the veteran beneficiary doesn’t have a qualified fiduciary, they will tap professional fiduciaries.

  2. VA Applications can be Expedited

    It can also be helpful to know that in certain conditions, the processing of a VA application can be quickened. The requirements for this include having a terminal illness, at least 75 years old, or undergoing deep financial difficulties. These requirements should be indicated in a request for their benefit to be expedited.

  3. VA Benefits Terminate at the Veteran’s Last Breath

    When a veteran passes away, the veterans benefits he enjoys with his spouse also get terminated immediately. However, since the surviving spouse also qualifies for these benefits, they can make a new application especially if they need Healthcare in Georgia.

  4. Illness is NOT THE ONLY Qualification

    It has been a prevailing thought that a veteran needs to be ill in order for them to qualify for the VA benefit. However, reaching their 65th year even if they are in pink of health still qualifies a senior person for their VA pension.

  5. Know the VA Person You’re Talking To

    If you have inquiries about the VA benefits, it will be very practical to call up the VA office and inquire. However, the VA’s 1-800 number is set to automatically route your calls to the local offices where the caller is nearest. If you are a long-distance family caregiver, the VA representative taking your call may be far from your loved one’s location. You need to ensure their location first so that they can provide you the assistance specific to your loved one’s area.

VA benefits can be utilized to help your loved one receive Home care in Georgia. After processing their eligibility, ensure that their care providers accept VA benefits. At Gad Healthcare LLC, your veteran loved one is always welcome to receive our services.

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