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4 Strategies to Persuade Your Aging Parents to Accept Home Health Care Assistance

Your mother is refusing to accept personal care assistance in spite of her unkempt appearance. Your aging father still insists on driving. Your grandmother is refusing in-home physical therapy even when they are having mobility issues. Sound familiar? One of the most common and difficult challenges that family caregivers face is an elder loved one … Continue reading

5 Essential Tips for Caring Aging Veterans

Veterans have fought valiantly for our freedom and country. They have made numerous sacrifices to protect and serve their fellow countrymen. They have served in various wars and conflicts so that we can continue to enjoy the freedom that we have today. To show gratitude, it is highly important that we honor, respect, and care … Continue reading

Finding the Best In-Home Healthcare Services for an Elderly Loved One

When you are looking for providers of an exceptional home health care in Snellville, Georgia, there is a wide range of factors that you will want to keep in mind. This is because every healthcare provider is going to be different and they all offer different forms of health care. To ensure that your loved … Continue reading

What Can You Do to Maintain Your Health at an Advanced Age?

The older we become, the more important it is to pay attention to our health. This is because as we age, there are many aspects of our health that will slowly diminish over time. Our immune systems will become weaker, we will not have as much energy, we will feel frailer, and that is only … Continue reading

The Goals of Personal Care

The changes brought about by old age can affect all aspects of an individual’s life. This would typically result in older individuals requiring extra support and assistance when going about their regular daily routines. Personal care is vital to seniors who have trouble completing the very essential activities of daily living which also include self-care … Continue reading

What Makes Companion Care a Beneficial Choice?

What is Companion Care? Companion care primarily offers companionship and emotional support to seniors who can no longer go out as much as they used to and who usually spend most of their days at home. Its role changes depending on a person and their needs. Companion care can generally be given in any care … Continue reading