Every Veteran Needs to Know About Geriatrics and Extended Care

Every Veteran Needs to Know About Geriatrics and Extended Care

Do you have a veteran loved one? If they’re approaching the retirement years, it helps to know that they always have help, and the program for Geriatrics and Extended Care (GEC) is one of these. Being a leading provider of Home Health Care in Snellville, Georgia, we extend due honor and respect to the veterans of our nation. Our care services are also dedicated to our beloved veterans who stood for our freedom.

While there are many benefits extended for a veteran individual, the GEC can be enjoyed by former soldiers who either have faced disability due to injuries from active duty or those who need long-term care. The GEC is able to provide assistance to veterans with chronic conditions, staying in nursing homes, or those aging at home.

As your partners in providing quality Healthcare in Georgia for our beloved veterans, here are important items about the GEC that are worth checking out.

  • GeriPACT (Geriatric Patient Aligned Care Team)

    They are a team of healthcare providers, physicians, other care experts, who work to assist veterans with chronic ailments, declining mental health, and facing physical disabilities. Together, they help enable the veterans to be as independent as possible so they can live the quality of life in the midst of their present conditions.

  • Geriatric Assessment

    Every veteran senior undergoes an evaluation, especially during the visits of their GeriPACT team. The aim of the assessment is to identify the current health status of the veteran so that their overall health and well-being is preserved. The results of the assessment will also provide much consideration to the personal preference of the veteran.

  • Dementia Care

    Veterans who are diagnosed with dementia, especially with Alzheimer’s disease are provided with the full health care services of the Veterans Affairs. They are provided with the amount of care tailor-fit to their needs whether they’re at home or in a nursing care facility. The full support of caregivers is widely recognized in the care of veterans with dementia.

  • Delirium

    In connection with dementia care, veterans who have acquired the illness can experience the occurrence of delirium. This is when the veteran suddenly feels confused or have difficulty waking up even when they are roused. With professional caregivers assisting the veterans with dementia, episodes of delirium can be spotted immediately and addressed rightly.

If you have further concerns or clarifications regarding the GEC, you can refer to the official website of the Veterans Affairs office.

Do you have a veteran loved one or are you caring for one? Being able to know the rights of your family member, especially when it comes to the care they deserve in the aging years, can greatly ease up the pressure of caregiving. Be informed of whether your loved one qualifies or not.

At Gad Healthcare LLC, we’re your partners in providing high-quality veteran care. When you need extra hands to assist you in the overall welfare or Personal care needs of your family member, contact us.

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