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Helping Your Loved Ones Reclaim Their Independence

caregiver and senior woman using tabletAt Gad Healthcare LLC, we offer occupational therapy. This type of therapy focuses on helping clients regain the skills they need in order to actively participate in the activities that make up their life—which includes what they are required to do and what they want to do.

If your loved ones have an injury or medical condition that has affected the way they live out their day-to-day lives, occupational therapy can benefit them. Our occupational therapists will provide them with the assistance and guidance they need to stay independent and live fulfilling lives.

Our occupational therapists can assist in the following:

  • Patient re-education
  • Home safety
  • Engaging in recreational activities
  • Patient assessment on energy management and conservation
  • Assessment and evaluation of health and basic skills
  • Planning and implementation of therapeutic programs
  • Basic level skills education and training
  • Device assistance training, and work simplification (laundry, meal preparation, bathing, grooming, eating, etc.)

Please schedule an in-home assessment in order for us to evaluate your loved ones’ level of needs. If you have any questions regarding this, you may call us at +1-770-686-3193 or send us a message online.