Nutrition Reminders for Patients with Cancer

Nutrition Reminders for Patients with Cancer

Are you taking care of a loved one who is diagnosed with cancer? When they are undergoing chemotherapy, they may lose their appetite along the way. Chemotherapy treatments can result in changes in a person’s sense of taste and smell. Because of this, your loved one’s nutritional needs are affected.

As a provider of Healthcare in Georgia, here are significant reminders to ensure that the nutritional issues of our loved ones are addressed properly.

  • Observe Weight Changes
    Depending on what type of cancer they have, your loved one may lose or gain weight abruptly. If their weight loss or gain has exceeded 10% of their normal or ideal weight, then you should consult their doctor for possible interventions.
  • Serve a Bigger Breakfast
    Take advantage of breakfast as the first and most important meal of the day. Get your loved one to eat as many healthy foods as possible. If they have swallowing difficulties, you can serve their breakfast in shakes, smoothies, or thinly sliced foods. Caregivers in Georgia can also help you prepare healthy meals every day.
  • Add More Flavor
    Your loved one’s taste buds may no longer be as sensitive as before. It can help to mix in more spices in their meals to help them taste the food better. For other options, consult with a licensed dietitian.
  • Eat with the Family
    You can also address the nutritional needs of your loved one when they are eating well. They can eat well when they are with the people they love. So see to it that you schedule regular mealtimes with the rest of the family.
  • Serve Snacks
    Serve healthy snacks to your loved one as often as you can. Select calorie-dense snacks such as yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, or fruits. Healthy snacks can replenish some of the nutrients they lost.
  • Always Mix Healthy Ingredients
    Whatever type of food you prepare, whether it’s solid, soup, or shake, always mix in healthy ingredients! For instance, when you prepare soup, add thin slices of chicken meat to increase their protein. In preparing these kinds of food, providers of Home Health Care in Snellville, Georgia can also help you out.
  • Select Foods with Neutral Smells
    Your loved one may have unpleasant reactions to certain cooked foods because of the smell. Try to give them healthy foods that don’t need to be cooked. If it’s not possible, let them eat in an open space outdoors, like al fresco dining in the backyard.
  • Help them to Exercise
    Even if they move slowly, getting your loved one to walk around can help improve their appetite. Assist them around so that they can also have an activity that qualifies as exercise.

Caring for your loved one with cancer can be overwhelming at times. Yet, don’t hesitate to seek assistance when you truly need it. For care recommendations, call Gad Healthcare LLC.

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