Signs Your Senior Loved One Needs Home Health Care

Signs Your Senior Loved One Needs Home Health Care

Have you visited your elderly parent or grandparent recently? Try to recall from memory the state of their well-being. They might be in great need of home health care services if:

  • Their weight has been shifting suddenly without reason.

    Sudden unexplained weight loss (or weight gain) can be attributed to a number of factors. It may either be because of unregulated diabetes or because they aren’t eating healthy meals like they used to. Either way, it’s a cause for alarm and something that should be looked into by a doctor.

    While it’s true that weight management is not the main goal of home health care services, carers can still assist your senior loved one in choosing more nutritious food items at the grocery. Additionally, accompany them to doctor appointments so they can keep their health in check.

  • Their house has been needing repairs

    An unruly home doesn’t just increase stress levels, but it can also give rise to fall hazards. And fall hazards can be quite a menace to your elderly loved one. A simple fall can put them at risk for a bone fracture or an even much worse injury!

    Home health aides can facilitate errands to have repairs done so that your senior loved one can rest at ease.

  • Their housework has been stacking one after the other.

    When you’re older, getting jobs done around the house is no longer as easy as they used to be. Even the simple task of cooking meals or vacuuming the room can do a number on your senior loved one’s joints.

    It’s true that you can assist your parent of grandparent yourself, but sometimes your own personal appointments prevent you from doing so. But with home health care services, your elderly loved one can readily have the assistance they need for completing simple household chores and other tasks.

  • Their health condition has been declining.

    A lot of seniors tend to skip going to the doctor because they don’t feel like they really need to. But even though your senior loved one isn’t exhibiting any alarming symptoms, having a regular checkup with a physician is still important to their health.

A home health aide from Gad Healthcare LLC can accompany them to their appointments. This way, they will be able to remain on top of their health while being independent at home.

So, how many of the signs above have you observed in your elderly loved one? If you think your parent or grandparent may be in need of Home Health Care in Snellville, Georgia, don’t hesitate to reach out to Gad Healthcare LLC. We render skilled nursing, physical therapy, speech therapy, personal care, companionship services and more.

When would you like us to get started? Let us know of your needs by giving us a call.
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