The Best Ways to Recover from a Hospital Admission

The Best Ways to Recover from a Hospital Admission

One of the reasons patients get readmitted to hospitals is the lack of care and support after getting discharged. When a person is sent home after a long stay at the hospital, it may take some of them to adjust to home living. Proper transition to home life may require you to partner with a provider of Home Health Care in Snellville, Georgia like Gad Healthcare LLC. This decision can help your loved one to be on the receiving end of comprehensive and high-quality post-hospitalization care.

The first three days after being discharged are the most important. During these hours, you need to pay extra attention to your loved ones who are feeling fatigued after spending many months in the hospital.

Always remember that the healing journey is gradual. Here are some of the ways you can be there for your loved ones during this time:

  • Full-hands on assistance
    During your loved one’s first few days or weeks at home, they may need complete support with daily living activities and self-care tasks. Reassure them that you have no problem giving your time and effort into making sure they recover properly. Bathing, dressing, cooking, and preparing meals may be too much for patients to handle, and you want to make sure they’re not overworking themselves or worse, putting themselves in danger.
  • Mild support
    Little by little, your loved ones will start to regain their strength. You need to be able to identify this and allow them to accomplish some Personal care tasks on their own. If, after gauging their capabilities, you are able to determine that they can now cook or prepare meals on their own, have them engage in the activity, only offering minimal assistance. This way, you will slowly start to help your loved ones regain their independence.
  • Safety supervision
    After some time, patients will start to regain their full strength. However, you still need to be there to make sure they are safe or that they don’t start a fire in the kitchen. Recovery can take time, and even when it seems one has their physical strength back, it will still take a long time for them to be who they once were, physically and mentally.
  • Full independence
    When you clearly see that your loved ones are back to normal and can now engage in tasks safely, reducing care would be a good idea. Keep in mind that the road to complete independence is not easy and is going to take a lot of time. The journey is also different for everyone – one may reach this stage in recovery earlier than others. Keep this in mind when assisting your loved ones with post-hospitalization care.

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How else can we help our loved ones recover from a hospital admission? Share your ideas in the comments.

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