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The Goals of Personal Care

The Goals of Personal Care

The changes brought about by old age can affect all aspects of an individual’s life. This would typically result in older individuals requiring extra support and assistance when going about their regular daily routines.

Personal care is vital to seniors who have trouble completing the very essential activities of daily living which also include self-care tasks.

Did you know that when seniors are unable to complete ADL’s, it negatively impacts their quality of life? It leads to a loss of independence, confidence, and a feeling of helplessness – three things we definitely don’t want our seniors to be experiencing.

Gad Healthcare LLC, a reputable provider of Home Health Care in Snellville, Georgia, understands that most of the elderly need a little bit of support and assistance when going about their everyday living activities.

What are the Goals of Personal Care?

  1. To help seniors regain their independence.
    Personal care assistants are specially trained to provide support with the activities of daily living. They know how to identify an individual’s needs and capabilities and provide a level of care that allows their charges to do their part in order to preserve independence.
  2. To allow seniors to thrive.
    Seniors who are no longer able to complete their ADL’s feel helpless and without purpose. Personal care makes them feel like their living their life again. It enriches their days, allowing them not just to exist, but to live to the fullest.
  3. To provide safety and security.
    Bathing, grooming, and dressing may sound harmless to us, but they are anything but to seniors. Personal care attendants can guide elderly individuals in navigating the potentially dangerous, slippery surfaces of the bathroom. They can also assist with dressing, making sure seniors don’t slip when putting on their clothes; and grooming, to make sure they’re combing their hair right and are using the right products.
  4. To make seniors feel good about themselves.
    Personal care aims to help seniors feel fresh, clean, and healthy. A lot of seniors don’t care to make themselves presentable to guests or family members because they’re unable to engage in self-care tasks alone. Well, having a personal care attendant will change all that.

Can you add more to the list? Share your thoughts with us!

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