Urinary Incontinence: How Seniors can Prepare

Urinary Incontinence: How Seniors can Prepare

Age should not be a hindrance for people to enjoy vacations and long-distance trips. However, for our aging loved ones with urinary incontinence issues, long-distance travel may come close to impossible. This issue can be very discouraging. Furthermore, if they don’t go out very often, their self-esteem can get affected.

Hence, as your partner in providing quality Home Health Care in Snellville, Georgia, we offer the following tips on how long-distance trips can be made possible even when your senior loved one has urinary incontinence issues.

  • Finalize Your Route

    With today’s technology, you can already have foresight as to the route you will be taking. You need to finalize which route you should navigate so you can identify crucial pit stops where your loved one can have a go. It can be very helpful for them if they can relieve themselves in private and appropriate areas. You can set this when you know the route you’re navigating.

  • Dress Comfortably

    Ensure that your loved one is also dressed comfortably such that their incontinence issues will not be quickly triggered. For instance, wearing tight jeans can make them feel that their bladder is full. Their clothes should also be convenient enough so that when they are wearing absorbent pads, they will not be disturbed or bothered by these.

  • Monitor Liquid Intake

    While seniors need to be hydrated, find a way that they will not drink so much water on the long duration of the trip. Their liquid intake can be the reason why they will have the urge to go. If necessary, let a Caregiver in Georgia be in their company so their water intake is checked regularly.

  • Pack an “Essentials” Bag

    You would also want to be prepared with your loved one’s essentials if ever an “accident” occurs while you’re on transit. These essentials include extra dry clothes, extra absorbent pads, and other necessary items to protect them from the complications of incontinence issues.

  • Request for Medication

    It can also be a good idea when your loved one can take a doctor-prescribed medication to help control their bladder. Ensure that you have their doctor’s permission first because the medications can have adverse reactions to their existing meds. You would want your loved one’s medication to work as it should.

  • Learn Other Languages

    When you need to travel to another country, it can also help to learn to ask where the restroom is in their local language. This can make it easier for you to assist your loved one when they feel they have the need to go.

With our quality Home care in Snellville, we continue to provide assistance in caring for your aging loved one indoors or outdoors. We hope that the above tips are helpful for you especially in your next out-of-town trip. At Gad Healthcare LLC, you can trust that the welfare of your loved one is ever in our priority.

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